Our Fees

No one wants to waste time with complicated pricing, so let's get right to the point...


Kopp Financial Partner Plans

These plans are for clients that need managed portfolios.  You pay a single fee to Kopp Financial.  Fees are based on the value of your assets as follows:

< $250,000 in Assets - 0.35%

$250,000 to $500,000 in Assets - 0.25%

> $500,000 in Assets - 0.15%

Percentages are annualized.  Quarterly billings are calculated as follows:  Value of assets on last business day of quarter times percentage value divided by four.  Minimum pricing of $29/month ($87/quarter) applies to balances under $100,000.

Kopp Financial Coach Plans

These plans are for clients that do not need managed portfolios, but would like to receive ongoing financial advice from a professional financial advisor.

$26/month, billed quarterly

Kopp Financial Guarantee

Kopp Financial fees are guaranteed to be the lowest available in Wisconsin.  Kopp Financial will match any competitor's advising fee.